10 Steps To Go From Tinder To The Bedroom During Quarantine.

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Rather than go through each dating app we decided to focus on how to go from Tinder to the bedroom during quarantine. This DOES work on any dating app!

If reading isn’t your thing I made an entire video workshop that covered EVERYTHING about dating during this coronavirus pandemic. Including how to meet someone for the first time using online dating apps and keeping a long-distance relationship alive during these strange times.

You can watch the entire workshop right now at this link: Https://www.datinginacrisis.com/

Here is the full process to go from meeting someone to getting an in-person date with them during the crisis.

Step 1: Fill out your dating profile in full.

This means answering every single question they have for the forms in full detail. If you’re stuck just remember the following. Focus on writing what you’re looking for, not who you are. Make sure you are standing out!

For example:

Instead of writing: “I like long walks from my tv to my fridge and back again as that’s all I can do during quarantine.”

Try this: “ I like someone that enjoys long walks from their tv to their fridge and back again as let’s be real that’s all someone can do during quarantine.

This is more relatable to someone, and their inner monologue says “that’s me?!?!” and they’re more likely to want to connect.

Step 2: Take professional looking pictures.

Now it’s difficult to hire a professional photographer during this time. So let me give you portrait photo 101.

Stand in front of a window when you take your picture. Facing the window with your back to the room. This creates a depth of field behind you which is the “movie look” people prefer to see in pictures. The window diffuses light from outside which creates a “studio lighting” effect.

The long and short is it’s an easy way to get a semi-professional look going. Unless you’re already a professional photographer you’re going to be surprised how good this photo looks.

Use this in the app as your main photo. (Obviously do your hair and do full grooming etc before taking the picture)

Step 3: Swipe right!

No seriously. Just swipe right on as many people as possible. I like to use my instinctive response vs thinking about it. I make the decision within 3 seconds. Allowing my subconscious to decide if I like them or not.

This does 2 things.

1. It reduces the amount of time I waste on each profile allowing me to match with more people in a smaller time.
2. It stops me from getting too emotionally involved with people I don’t know.

This all equates to me being able to match with as many people as possible.

Step 4: Make a cup of tea.

You’re going to need to wait for some replies. Thankfully it won’t be too long as everyone is mostly sitting around with nothing to do.

Remember, this a guide on how to go from Tinder to the bedroom during quarantine. There will be plenty of people online, once this gets moving you will need to keep up with messaging.

Step 5: Send your first message.

This is simple. The easiest way to do this is to notice something about their profile and then comment on it with a revelation. For example.

They say: I like chugging a beer on the weekend while watching the game

Your first message: OMG that is literally my favorite thing to do ever, so long as it’s miller light, not so much into corona anymore haha

By responding to a statement on their profile you have a much higher chance of them replying, as naturally if they wrote about it… they want to talk about it.

The problem is people send a first message that says “hi” which is redundant, as you’re already past the greeting stage (that was the swiping right part)

Saying “hi” just shows you’re not actually thinking about your messages, therefore you probably aren’t that into them. You’re just hoping.

When you actually send a message based on something they care about your response rate goes up. Make sense?

Step 6: Move from the App to texting.

After a few back and forth you want to switch to texting. You might be thinking “I thought this was how to go from Tinder to the bedroom during quarantine. Not how to go from Tinder to texting!” This is a process, because of the coronavirus it’s not recommended to move things fast.

This is simple yet people don’t do this. I usually use something like… I have a funny meme I want to share with you, but the app won’t let me, here’s my number. Text me and I’ll send it to you and we can keep talking there.

This is a powerful moment. You’re making it clear that the conversation can only continue via text message…

While also giving them a nice curiosity hook to have them want to continue.

Without the pressure of you asking them for their contact details.

If you’ve done everything that I’ve said up until now they should easily feel comfortable texting you.

Step 7: Move to a phone call.

The key to solid dating, is solid escalation. Where you take things little by little until they’re epic.

Rather than going app to date. (Which many people tried pre-quarantine… without much success) its easier to take little steps.

App -> text -> phone chat -> in person just works better.

The easiest way to get on the phone is to say this. “I’m curious what you sound like. How about a short 30-second call where we just say hi and formally meet”

If you’ve been texting back and forth for 24 hours this should be a piece of cake to do.

Go from Tinder to virtual date

Step 8: The date

Ok, this is the meat and potatoes of what you want.

While it may seem difficult to go from meeting someone online to ACTUALLY meeting them in person during the quarantine, its relatively easy to go from a phone call to a date during the time.

The best part is that your first date, isn’t in person.

You’re going to have a virtual date. Now there are many virtual first dates you can do. Half the fun of this first date will be deciding what you want to do.

Here’s a list fo a few that I’ve done that work GREAT.

1. Video games. From Animal Crossing to Virtual reality experiences there are tones of great games you can play together and they make incredible first dates.

2. Netflix and remote chill. I do this one myself with long-distance partners and it’s great. Watching a movie while you have skype on and discussing key moments is a wonderful bonding experience and very similar to being in the same room.

3. Going for a walk together. Hiking alone but with FaceTime can be a wonderful bonding experience.

4. Eating or cooking together with Skype on can be a great fun and interactive “first meal”

After this initial date, the bond between you should be strengthening.

In a post coronavirus world, we want to be sure we ACTUALLY like someone before the risk of meeting in person.

If this was an easy process then everyone would be giving out a guide on how to go from Tinder to the bedroom during quarantine.

You may want to do a few of these dates during this time as you move towards step 9.

Step 9: The REAL first Date

Now you’ve virtual dates you’re probably ready for the first real date. However, in a post coronavirus world this is going to follow the old school rules of courtship. A date that leaves room for your virtue between you… by keeping 6feet of distance at all times.

A word of warning. This date may not be possible in all countries or states. It’s highly important you follow your state/government guidelines. However where social distancing is allowed in public places for exercising. This is a no brainer. Going on a hike together or even a picnic across a picnic table is a great first date, where you can really get to talk freely in person and begin the process of ACTUALLY Dating.

Assuming this goes well you may be ready to close the gap. This is done in our final step.

How to go from Tinder to the Bedroom during quarantine. Final Step

Step 10: Intercourse during quarantine.

The easiest and safest way to do this is with a 14-day countdown. From where you both agree to see each other in person it pays to do a self-quarantine. In short, neither of you sees anyone or goes anywhere for 14 days. This is the closest way you can get to being sure that you’re both coronavirus free. Stock up on supplies and play the waiting game. This is actually incredible for your dating life together.

Nobody wants to have to wait like this, but that’s how the times are right now. Hence this article is named “10 Steps To Go From Tinder To The Bedroom During Quarantine.”

You get to go on more virtual dates, you get to talk together, laugh and bond during this time. You can even take it a step further by reading erotic works to each other, or if you’re so inclined trying your hand at writing some erotic poetry.

This all builds towards a date in the calendar where you both feel comfortable enough to actually spend the night.

Then following government guidelines you can plan a weekend together to REALLY get to know one another intimately.

Now I know this may not be the “wham, bham, thank you ma’am” method that some of you were hoping for.

But this is what I like to think of as the REAL method. Following this will get you results, it will make you connect with someone you genuinely like and enjoy. Finally, that tension that builds during the wait will make that first time together with one of the most magical experiences you will ever have in this lifetime, creating a bond like no other.

We’re in a unique time… this builds unique relationships.

With all the stress, pain and worry… don’t miss your chance to enjoy this.

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