What Women Really Want

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Ahhhh, the battle of the sexes. It’s an age old conundrum, trying to figure out how the other team operates. Why doesn’t he understand me? How am I supposed to read her mind? What do they really want? The truth is, every person is different, and every reason behind an action is unique. There are, however, some generalizations that can be made in both directions. Today I’ll share with you my top three qualities that MOST women want in a partner.

          The first, which seems obvious to me, is that women want to be heard. It’s a man’s world, and women have spent a long time trying to get their feet onto an equal playing field. Even biologically, women tend to speak at a frequency that men have trouble hearing/listening to. If a man and a woman are both speaking, the majority of the population will hear the him over her. As such, it’s an incredible quality to take the time to actually listen to the women in your life. Give them adequate opportunity to make an argument. Try and understand their perspective. Don’t speak over them. These are very simple requirements, but it makes the world of difference to the women who have to deal with this issue at work or in their daily life. They just want the chance to be heard and taken into account!

          Next up is consistency. This is such a great quality to have in relationships. The dating scene can be a very scary place, so it’s nice when you can make it a little more stable. Be the person who shows up when you say you will. Follow through on your promises or plans that you make. This doesn’t mean you should be PREDICTABLE in dating, only that you should be reliable. Spontaneity is sexy and still possible, but don’t be a flake. If you can be the person who is there when expected, you’ll increase your chances of being the one she looks at as long-term partner potential.

          Finally, it’s important that you support the women in your life. Men get this wrong sooo often. Support means listening, understanding, being a shoulder, encouraging dreams. It does NOT mean you need to try and solve all of the problems she presents to you. Men have a natural urge to fix things when they seem broken, but often women are just looking for someone to be a sounding board so they can work it out on their own. If she asks for help, absolutely be there with suggestions. If she is just venting, let her vent and try your best to refrain from stepping in to be the hero. She is capable. She is strong. She can be her own hero. But she might just need her favorite person (you) to hear her out while she sorts through it all. Support also means optimism in the face of challenges. Be the person who brings her spirits up when she is down. Encourage her to follow her dreams and hold her hand while she takes the steps to do so. She is looking for someone to have her back and help her figure things out when needed.

          This list obviously doesn’t cover every aspect of what most women are looking for, but it’s a great starting point. If you take the time to listen, be consistent, and support the women around you, you’ll be a crowd favorite for sure.

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