How Do I Know If They’re Attracted to Me?

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          It can be really easy to misread other people’s intentions when it comes to dating. How often have you thought someone was interested, but you got it wrong? Or worse, you assumed someone had zero interest, and they’d been pining over you for years? If you look for these three signs, you’ll become much more likely to know for sure when someone is attracted to you.

          The most common, indirect action that people will take when they like someone is to put themselves in their desired partner’s vicinity OFTEN. They are attending group events that they know you’ll be at, they’re inviting you to join them on various outings, and they may even randomly show up somewhere you didn’t think they would be. A lot of the time, people are timid about sharing their feelings of attraction with others, due to the fear of rejection. The more you’re around a person, the better you’ll be able to gauge their interest; this is why someone attracted to you may start with social familiarity. This is a really common tactic in people who are usually shy or quiet about their romantic life.

          Another sign that someone may be attracted to you is that they do not discuss their dating life with you (unless they’re telling you how single and available they are.) You have probably not heard much about any ex-partners. They don’t talk to you about going out and meeting other people. You’re likely unsure about whether or not they’re seeing anyone else. These are all indicators that someone doesn’t want to overshare and scare you away from dating them. No one has a perfect history when it comes to dating, so they are probably just trying to keep those skeletons tucked safely away in the closet for now. Starting a new relationship is much easier to do without any preconceived notions about what you should expect. They WILL, however, ask you a lot of questions about your own dating like in an attempt to feel out whether or not you’re available or interested.

          Finally, someone who is attracted to you will often try and make future plans with you. If they are not blatantly asking you out on a date, they are at least planting some seeds. They’ll want to know if you’ll be attending the company Christmas party (and probably whether or not you’ll be bringing a date.) When they discover your common interests, they may try to plan an event around it and invite you to come along. They’ll ask things like, “Will I see you at…?” and “Are you planning on going to that?” They are just trying to feel out different social scenarios and likely deciding for themselves whether or not they should go as well. It’s no fun to attend an event that your crush won’t be at! Creating future plans with someone is a great way to ensure you will be able to spend more time with them, and if someone is doing this to you frequently, it’s likely there is a level of attraction.

          It isn’t always easy to read the indirect signs that a person is attracted to you. So much can be said (and misinterpreted) through body language, but these three occasions are good indicators of attraction from another person.

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