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3 ways to keep your love alive during the quarantine.

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This has to be the most requested advice I’m receiving right now. Let’s face it, the numbers speak for themselves. China has the quarantine first, and their divorce numbers have increased significantly. Many partners are learning that when they spend every minute of every day together, they just don’t get on like they hoped they would. 

The reality is any relationship can make it through this tough time if both partners are willing to make a few teeny tiny changes. So I wrote this article to help out.

Show you care

First off, the number one way couples survive is by showing each other how important they are to each other. When every day is the same, life blurs, no-one feels special, and conflict occurs. One of the easiest ways to keep your relationship shiny and new is to have a regular date night together each week. During quarantine this may seem impossible, however it’s more important than ever.

There are so many dates you can do, even from the comfort of your home. From playing board games to massaging each other which adds an element of eroticism there is no end to the different activities you can do. The key is to do it one a schedule so you both have some quality time to look forward to a few times a week.


Plan activities

Next, make a post quarantine bucket list. Hope is one of the most powerful feelings humans can have. Creating a list together of things you’re going to do in the future and adding to it every week will not only give you a weekly activity to do together, but it will give you hope for a more involved dating life in the future. Lots of my friends and clients are doing this with their long-distance romances during this time (people who can’t be together during quarantine) It’s keeping hope, and therefore love alive.

Sex + Talking = Stronger Bonds

Lastly, talk and have sex. Yes I know this looks like two things. But actually the bonding chemical Oxytocin is triggered by both activities. So REALLY I’m saying that you should be releasing oxytocin in each other to strengthen your bond. This is easy to do if you just focus on the actions that release it. 

Solid conversations about your relationship. Sharing words of affirmations about how much you love each other. And what you appreciate about each other will only serve to strengthen your bond during this trying time. Without physical intimacy and regular lovemaking, you run the risk of your relationship losing meaning and conflict arising in a big way.

Happy couple in love holding hands and walking at the beach. Summer flirt in bathing clothes and bikini.

Ultimately you need to remember that while a partner can be a rock during times of stress, rocks are cold, sharp and emotionless and don’t make the best snuggle partners. You need to be focused on adding more love, care, attention, and sex than ever during this time. You’ll find that not only does your relationship survive during this time… but it will grow bigger and better than ever.

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