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Attract the Kind of Woman You Want: 3 Confidence Building Exercises

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You can ask almost anyone what one quality makes you more attractive and they’ll all say the same thing: confidence. However, ask them how you should go about becoming more confident and suddenly they have no practical information to share. While most people understand that confidence does make you more attractive, they don’t know how to obtain it. 

Real confidence actually comes from repeatedly doing just three confidence building exercises, and anyone can do them. These exercises encompass experience, familiarity, and excellence. With these confidence factors, you will have a piece of what you need to attract the kind of woman you want.

Confidence Building Exercise #1: Experience

Remember the first time you drove a car? How confident did you feel when you very first got behind the wheel? I’m guessing not so confident. You were worried about where to put your hands, how to drive, or whether you were going to have an accident. You were really just hyper-focusing on everything and really not feeling very confident

Fast forward, about five years and you’re more confident. In fact, some people get so confident at driving after several years that they aren’t even focusing on driving because they’re multitasking, checking their phone, and doing a whole bunch of other things they should not be doing while driving. 

But where did that confidence come from? Did it come from watching a hypnosis video to learn to be more confident? Did it come because they took a bunch of confident boosting supplements to make them feel better? No, it came from practice, because true experience comes from doing the same thing over and over again. 

After you’ve got a few years, months, or even days of practice under your belt, some of you become more experienced and that experience translates into confidence. Once you know how to approach a woman respectfully (as outlined in The ACE Formula), it takes some experience to feel confident in your approach.

Confidence Building Exercise #2: Familiarity

New scenarios are always going to make you feel unconfident, no matter how experienced you are. In fact, it’s well-known that sports teams have a home team advantage simply because they’re playing the sports at the grounds where they’re used to practicing. They feel very confident because this is the familiar setting. They have sights, sounds, and smells that they’re used to. When they go to somebody else’s stadium, they’re going to feel awkward and everything’s a little bit unfamiliar. 

That actually has an impact on the way that many people play the game. Likewise, if you’d go to a new situation or new location that you’ve never been to before, it can make you feel unconfident, even in a situation where you are very experienced. 

One way around this is to spend time in the new scenario or location before you actually are supposed to be there. This helps you become more familiar with the setting, which in turn boosts your confidence. In fact, sometimes I’ll visit a place where I plan on taking a date later on that evening, just so I get comfortable with the location, where the restrooms are, and so I can understand the walking distances are two different things so that I’m a lot more comfortable and confident when I’m there later on with my date.

Confidence Building Exercise #3: Excellence

Excellence is the deepest form of confidence. It comes from learning from somebody who is significantly more knowledgeable about a subject or situation than you are. The easiest way to develop this deep confidence is to find a mentor or expert on a subject and pay them to share their knowledge with you this way. You not only have the benefit of your own experiences, but you get to stand on the shoulders of giants and find that with their information, you know a lot more scenarios, examples, and solutions to problems than almost anybody else. 

This way, you can pull upon your own bank of experience and knowledge and upon the knowledge from the lessons that you’ve gained from the mentor or expert. If you want to achieve this deep confidence and stand on the shoulders of giants like me, then I would love to help you out. You can go to The ACE Formula website and learn how to become more confident and attractive to women.

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