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Corona Virus Dating Tips

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The Corona Virus has made an impact on how people date around the world. For those that own a private island that has its own food source, medical supplies, and private housing. It’s safe to say you are protected from the Corona Virus.  For the rest of us, there is a risk to dating.

Here are some tips you can use to help your dating life during the Corona Virus

Get Tested For Corona Virus

First things first.  In most major cities tests for the Corona Virus are becoming available. Pick up a test and use it!  Your dating life will be much easier to handle if you know for certain whether you’re infected or not.  If you have test results proving you are clean you can show these to people you’ve met online as a way of showing safety to meet up. On top of that, you are also more attractive by showing a good bill of health.  Go get tested! This is a no-brainer.

Be Safe And Cautious With People

It’s very important that you stay safe through this pandemic. This applies to dating as well. If you do end up meeting someone at the grocery store or one of the limited businesses that are open, make sure to practice social distancing. The last thing you want is to make a bad impression of being inconsiderate during a pandemic. If a date comes to your place or vice versa make sure to take your shoes off so you don’t track anything from the ground outside that could infect someone. 

The best thing to do right now is to stay home and be safe.

Stay Connected, Even If It’s “Long Distance”

During quarantine, it’s important to stay connected with someone you like.  Have regular phone calls or video chats. At the very least play games via text or send memes. Put in the effort to stay connected with someone you like or else someone else will. “Sliding into DMs” has never been easier because people are bored now. When you already have a connection with someone, keep it going until you can both get tested and safely meet.

If You Trust Eachother, Plan A Quarantine

When the time comes that you have to see someone, the best thing to do is quarantine “together.” You both agree to stay home for 14 days and stay in communication constantly. This requires you to trust that the other person isn’t going out to other places. If you can trust each other fully and make it through the 14-day window together, why not?

Just go directly to see that person and nowhere else.

Keep Up To Date With Everyone Else

In times like this in the Corona Virus pandemic, it’s important to have a community you can make decisions with. I have a private group on Facebook that is 100% free to join called Confidential Dating Advice for Professionals.  Click here to sign up and join! This is a group that you can get more tips and suggestions on how to date while in quarantine. This is a great resource for someone that wants to improve their dating life or have a deeper relationship during quarantine.

You can either be someone who is constantly blowing through contacts avoiding connections. Or you can be someone who makes a genuine connection and goes through quarantine to see someone special.  Either way, be safe and be cautious of your actions.  This isn’t the Wild West. People aren’t riding horses through town shooting off guns…yet. But until that happens… Play it safe, follow the rules, and get tested for Corona Virus first chance you get.

Your dating partner will thank you!

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