Face Mask Etiquette In Dating

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People are wearing face masks everywhere they go these days. In some countries they are required to leave the house with one. This brings dating to an interesting time in history. So many things have happened recently and it can be hard to adjust. Let’s say you just happen to start an interaction with someone while your out and they are wearing a face mask. Are there special precautions for this?

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Here are some face mask etiquette tips you should apply in your daily interactions.

1 – A time and place for face masks

Remember, there is a time and place for everything, face masks included. Grocery store, check. Gas Station, check. Meeting up at your place… check? What about in the bedroom? That all depends on what route you want to go down. The point is, be appropriate with how you view wearing face masks in public. If you live in an area where they’re required don’t ask anyone to remove it. Look at it like any other accessory that someone wears. It can be a topic of discussion but don’t be insulting.

2 – Face Mask Conversations

There are several ways to bring up or mention face masks in conversation. The key is don’t bring it up straight away. If you decide to have a conversation with someone start it based on something different, anything different. “Have you tried this?” “I just noticed something, this label looks just like my friend’s dog.” Any typical conversation starter is fine. Then as you are in a conversation you can mention your opinion on face masks and ask for hers. The goal is to just spend time together and acknowledge that you are having a conversation under strange conditions. This shifts any blame of the conversation being “off” to the conditions and allows you both to become more comfortable.


3 – The effects of face masks

Humans are social creatures. We communicate subconsciously through facial expressions and body language, especially in romance. Face masks can work for you or against you depending on your ability to communicate through facial expressions. If you make strange faces when you talk they are actually helping you in the short term. However, if you have the ability to communicate effectively through your facial expressions. Then you want to get to a point without face masks. When we can’t see someone’s face our brain will automatically shift into a place of distrust or extreme formality. It’s like our brains either see a robber or a surgeon when someone’s face is covered by a face mask. So how can you bypass this effect?

4 – How to take your mask off with etiquette

Follow this step when talking to someone and watch as the conversation shifts. You talk to someone while you’re at the grocery store or post office. You follow social distancing practice and keep your face mask on. Then as the conversation starts to flow it’s time to insert a joke. If you don’t know why making someone laugh is so important to check out this article. Start to tell a joke, story, or pun. As you deliver the punch line pull your face mask down in the cheekiest way possible and reveal a sexy smirk. By doing this you being the process of having them associate the face mask being removed with laughter, smiles, and oxytocin.

Once you establish a comfort with having masks off things will be much easier to move forward. You can suggest keeping in touch via text or social media. Put in the effort to stay in contact, be fun, and most of all keep those happy chemicals coming!

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