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The Text Messages To Send To Find Out If They’re Worth Dating

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find out if they're worth dating

How do you find out if they’re worth dating? One of the most valuable resources you have in your dating life is time. Imagine if you meet someone, you think they’re kind of cool when you date them for three months, and then you realize they’re not really kind of cool, but you keep it going for another three months. And before you know it, six to nine months have gone by, and then you realize you are dating somebody who completely sucks. 

You just lost almost a year of your life. 

If you break up with them just before Christmas, it may take a little while before you meet somebody new. One year has gone; one relationship down, and you’re a year older as you look for the next person. This is one of the worst things you can do. 

How Do You Find Out If Someone’s Worth Dating?

What if you could send a text message within 24 hours of meeting somebody and identify if they’re actually a high quality person and worth dating? Wouldn’t that be worth it to you? If the answer is yes, keep reading, because I’m going to reveal to you exactly what that text message is. 

find out if they're worth dating

Typically only somebody who is high quality is capable of answering the following question. So it is not only a great way to learn a lot about somebody, but it will let you know, if the person you’re talking to sucks.

This is the text message.

Three years from now, if you had your way and everything went exactly as you wanted, what would you be doing and where would you be? 

The great thing about this text message is the only people that are high quality are going to find it easy to answer because they’re the only people that have thought about the future. They’re the people that have actually imagined their future. They might want to advance their career, own their own home (or a second one), start a family, or found their own business.

are they worth dating

High Quality Questions Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

What’s great is that the question isn’t the kind of question an average person would ask somebody either. So you stand out from the crowd, and this allows high quality people to connect and get together. They’re going to have answers. 

They’ll be able to tell you where they’re going to be. And they’re going to tell you why they’re doing it.

All of these answers give you a lot of amazing conversation. If the person’s high quality then you know it’s worth your time to keep speaking with them. If they’re dismissive, don’t respond to the question, or they insult you for asking, you know the’re somebody who’s lame. They’re using aggression to compensate for the fact that they haven’t thought about what they from their life. They’re somebody who isn’t bothering to answer a question that actually is quite deep. Everybody should have at least thought about that question. This is going to help you filter out all the people that suck. 

Based on statistics we know that about half the people you meet just aren’t going to be that thoughtful and deep.

This means like half the people you meet and interact with are probably not worth dating. 

Why Weed Out Beautiful People With No Life Goals?

A question like this is amazing to remove those people from your lives. 

You might say she’s beautiful and you want to date her anyway. 

You don’t want to be in a relationship with somebody who’s beautiful, but can’t answer this question. In those situations, that’s where you’re gonna meet somebody who is going to take advantage of you. 

This can lead to abuse. They’ll make you feel bad; this is someone trying to scam you. In essence, this is the kind of conversation that’s going to weed out those people. 

Better yet, it’s going to weed out “like bots.” Sometimes you might run into a bot or a fake person with a fake dating profile. They’re not going to be able to answer this kind of question because no one’s going to pre-program them with this kind of logic to be able to write like that.

And even if it’s a person who’s faking being something like this, it’s really hard to fake motivations, which reveal why someone’s doing something or having a future plan. It will just be too difficult and they will weed themselves out, allowing you to focus on finding somebody who’s actually high quality on the flip side. 

If somebody actually answers this question, it’s going to be an amazing conversation. You’re going to stand out from the crowd because you came up with a great conversational trigger. And you’re going to find not only is it easy to date them, but you’ve met somebody of high quality. 

Give it a try. Ask this question on your favorite dating app or in the next text conversation you have with someone you want to date. Let me know how it works out for you. 

Adam Lyons describes the text messages to send to find out if they’re worth dating

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