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How to Feel Inspired All the Time…

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Have you ever looked around you and felt that you were missing out on some big secret that everyone else seemed to be keyed in on? It can be incredibly isolating to lack that spark of inspiration that so many other people showcase every day. You know you WANT to do big things in your life, you just aren’t sure how. As a content creator, I am constantly looking for inspiration, and I know how to utilize it when it’s found. Here are my top three tips on ensuring that you can too!

The first step to knowing that feeling of excitement and motivation, is to set a goal and stick to it. This should be something big, something you can work towards on a daily basis, and something that would make a significant difference in your life. You’ll want to write this goal down, put it in a calendar, and/or post it on the wall. This is something you want to look at daily, so you can remember what you’re working towards. Create a set, regular time to accomplish small tasks around that goal. It can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day shuffle and forget about our big intentions. It’s vitally important that you visualize, plan out, and make time for your dreams, so that you have something to look forward to every day.

Another tool I use to make sure I stay in the right frame of mind is TALKING! Discuss your ideas with other people. Saying out loud the things that you are planning will not only make the concept more concrete in your own mind, it can also create a kind of accountability with others, which is a really useful tool in maintaining motivation. Talking about these projects that you hold dear to your heart can also remind you of why you’re working so hard. When you are regularly recounting your purpose, those words will become ingrained into your mind and give you even more of a push to reach that final destination. On top of all that, discussing what you’re working on with others gives you an opportunity to get an outside perspective. This can be really important when you become stuck on a particular aspect of the goal and need to ask for help. A second opinion never hurt anyone, and a third or fourth opinion can give you some real insight as to what you may need to adjust.

Finally, the most important tip when it comes to staying inspired is to stay positive. Positivity and optimism will allow you to be open to inspiration, which can sometimes strike out of the blue. Negativity will only cause you to critique yourself and toss out ideas before they ever have a chance to live. Usually, when we’re feeling sad or down, all of our ideas will have a pessimistic tone to them, making it incredibly difficult to find the motivation needed to move forward with any plans. If you do everything you can to keep a positive outlook, your chances of finding and holding onto your inspiration will increase exponentially.

Sticking to a goal, talking about your ideas, and staying positive will take a lot of weight off your shoulders and allow you to hit all the targets you set around accomplishing your big dreams. Sometimes inspiration can be a difficult feeling to maintain, but adhering to these three rules will give you a much higher success rate in keeping that focus and motivation. 

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