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How to Get Her to Send You Nudes

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how to get her to send you nudes

So you want her to send you nudes. It’s simple, as long as you follow this very easy process. If you want to get her to send you nudes, you need to get a routine of trading picture messages first: before nudes come other picture messages. If she’s not comfortable sending you a selfie, she’s not going to send you nudes, so stop asking right off the bat. Asking for nudes right away is really not the right way to go about it. 

How to Get Nudes on Text Message

Once you’re in a text communication with somebody (and ideally you want this to be a private communication, not on a dating app), you’re going to get used to sending them pictures of you doing something with a selfie. 

Step 1: Start With Selfies

For example, I might be filming a seminar and I’ll pull out my phone and snap a selfie, and then I’ll text it to them in the moment. I would write:

Hey, currently working in a seminar, what are you up to?

I will get used to trading selfies with somebody where we’re both doing activities. 

You’ve got to get the selfie trading going first. After a day or more later, you’re going to say something like:

Hey, I just wanna let you know those selfies you sent me yesterday really brightened up my day. Seeing your smiling face was really nice. 

So we want to let them know that when they send you a message, that it’s a good thing, especially when the face is in it and that it makes you feel better.

This is great because you’ll typically get a compliment in return and she’ll say something like:

I feel the same. 

Step 2: Escalate to Regular Picture Messages

A day or more after you start trading selfies and complimenting her on them, tell her something like:

These messages that you’re sending me are a welcome distraction. Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a really complicated work thing. I’m frustrated. And then I see that message with your face and it brightens up my day and it’s a really nice distraction. 

We’re now shifting it from just sending text messages that make me happy to messages that are kind of a distraction, but it’s welcome and I like it.

 Now once we’ve established that. So she now knows a few things.

  • I like receiving messages from her 
  • I send messages in return
  • Her messages are a welcome distraction
  • I think she’s attractive, that it’s a distraction. 

Step 3: Go For the Nudes

I’ve got all of that developed. This is what I like to call the pre-frame.

With that groundwork laid, I’m then going to go for the nude, and the way that I get the nude has an incredibly high success rate. I’ve never failed with this technique and most of my students are almost at a hundred percent success rate with it as well. 

So then you’re going to say to her:

Hey, I’m going into a really important meeting. And it’s important that you do not send me any pictures of that gorgeous face of yours, because I don’t want to get distracted when I’m in the meeting.

Now, if you’ve done all the pre-framing correctly, most women at this point are going to take that as a challenge. She is going to send you revealing pictures specifically to drive you nuts while you’re in your meeting. This is one of the most guaranteed ways I’ve ever seen to get somebody to send you nudes. What’s going to happen is they’re going to send you those notes that you usually respond to; but you’re in a meeting, so you don’t.

You’re in this really important meeting and they will keep sending you more and more. And you will be typically swamped with pictures of laundry or whatever until their comfort level is at sending nudes. 

The best part about it is I never asked for them.

Step 4: She sends you nudes

I specifically said “do not distract me.” And they did it. What’s great about this is because it came from their own initiative. They were the ones that chose to implement this. That behavior continues. They continue to send you nudes on any day when you’re busy with work; they continue to send you revealing things about themselves. And because it came from them, this will almost always create a relationship that when you do meet up that they will be more sexually aggressive. They will be the ones that initiate activities in the bedroom. 

You have set yourself up for a much better interaction where they are leading the sexual charge. You don’t have to worry about how to turn them on because they’re the one that’s taking the initiative on everything.

Give this a try, come back, and let me know how this technique works out for you. 

Watch this video on how to get her to send you nudes!

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