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How To Get More Intimate in Text Messages with GIFs

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how to get more intimate in text messages

One of the biggest problems in relationships is that people don’t have sex. I’m going to teach you how to fix that problem by teaching you how to get more intimate in text messages…

I know it sounds crazy, but once you get into a relationship with somebody, the sex life just kind of dies. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s men, women, same sex relationships, heterosexual relationships, whatever. I hear the same complaint:

“We’re just not intimate anymore. We’re more like roommates than partners.” 

If this feels true to you, if you feel like you’re actually with a roommate and you’re not actually having enough sex, and you’re not getting the connection that you want or need, then this GIF is actually the solution. It will help you get more intimate in your text messages which will lead to intimacy in real life!

Believe it or not, you can fix your relationship and get more intimacy with a GIF that you can text your partner. I know that’s a bold statement, but I’m going to explain exactly how this works. The whole goal here is to get the relationship back to where it was when you first met.

How to Re-Ignite Bedroom Intimacy

Psychologists and relationship counselors know that one of the easiest ways to do that is to spice up the bedroom.

They will often ask if you experiment in the bedroom, if you’ve brought toys into the bedroom, or if you’ve played around in the bedroom. The whole goal is to make sex not boring, not a repetition. If you can do new things, it can bring back the spice into the relationship. The question is, how can we do that? 

Well, the easiest way to do it is with a GIF. So the first thing that you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to text your partner. And this works really well. If you’re, you know, maybe watching TV together and you’re just sitting next to each other, maybe laying in bed, reading a book, you can do it verbally as well, but I find it’s better with texts. 

Use a GIF in your texts to get the intimacy going!

You’re about to use a GIF to fix everything and the texts you’re going to send them is something they want. You’ll find that a lot of the techniques that I use are all permission-based, and the reason I use permission-based texting is I want to open up somebody’s mind to receiving what I’m sharing.

If you give someone information without finding out if they’re ready to receive it first, it often just gets ignored, right? So if I just sent it without warning, they might wonder why you’re sending it and the whole thing falls apart. 

If I say: 

Can I admit something to you? 

They’re far more likely if they say yes to actually receive it. And that’s what I want. So that’s why we use this technique. Then use the following message: 

I often lay next to you fantasizing about doing something to you, this… 

…and that’s when you are going to send them the GIF. 

What GIF Should You Send?

You’re going to send something sexual involving something from 50 Shades of Grey. So it’s going to be like somebody whose hands are tied together, or a blindfold or candle wax or something like that. This is what I would call soft stuff. Nothing too wild and hard, right? But something that is more central and tantalizing in nature, as women in general need sensuality and men, if they’re not getting the sex, they want that sensuality too. 

So this works both ways, but you just want to show that you’re interested in taking charge and giving them an experience. Now, the number one reason that people lose their sex life is because they’re trying to take something. It’s like the attitude is “I want you to give me something. I want you to give me sex or I want sex more often.” If instead, the focus is, I want to give you a sensual experience, it’s a lot easier for the other person to receive it. 

If you’re not getting affection they’re not getting affection either…

And if they see this image and they start thinking about it, that’s going to get them to realize, (because trust me, if you’re not getting the affection, they’re not getting it either) it goes both ways. That’s going to get them through it. Oh, you know what I do want that. I do want that to happen.

Now, there are other things you can send them. If the whole thing like tying up and blindfolding is too much, you can just send them a massaging GIF, right? Just show slowly massaging somebody in a sensual environment. You can show people kissing romantically with candles. You can show anything like this, but the idea is some kind of sensual image that just gets them to start being aroused.

What’s great about this is because most of the time you guys are probably trying to fix your relationship it’s either been verbally or nonverbally either touching or speaking or pleading, right? Like, please can we do this? Or I wish we got more of this. When you lead with giving them a massage GIF or sending them a GIF of a long makeout session, that’s going to fix the relationship a lot faster than you can imagine because men and women both like that sensuality. 

It’s great because a GIF is a very simple way of putting that image in their mind which results in responsiveness.

Watch Adam Lyons describe exactly how to get more intimate via text messages

Have you tried this technique? Let me know how it worked out for you in the comments below and if you leave a question I’ll be sure to answer you directly!

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