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How To Set Up A Virtual Date

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how to setup a virtual date

Here’s how to set up a virtual date.

Setting up a virtual date has become one of the go-tos to meet somebody for the first time. It initially started because of the COVID pandemic. The pandemic resulted in people trying to do long distance dating and virtual dating. But now virtual dates have just become an easier way, a no pressure way, to date somebody.

Virtual dates have grown in popularity and knowing how to set up a virtual date successfully and why you should do them can be very useful.  

Find Out What Media They Want To Watch on a Virtual Date

First of all, you want to identify the kind of movie or TV series that somebody wants to watch but hasn’t yet. Due to the amount of TV that’s being created and the amount of films that are being produced, we haven’t watched absolutely everything. Previously, everyone watched the blockbusters, but nowadays there’s so many being produced. It’s kind of hard to keep up. 

Everyone typically has a watch list. Things that they want to watch and they haven’t watched yet. When you’re talking to somebody on a dating app, ask:

Hey, what’s in your TV or movie watch list that you haven’t seen yet? 

Now we’re looking for something that we both want to see that we haven’t seen. Once we identify what that thing is, all you have to say is: 

Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to watch that too.

This is the perfect setup to ask:

Have you ever done a virtual watch party? 

Now, some people have done this with a friend. Some people might never have done it. And you can say to them:

How about we watch it together? We’ll set a time to watch it.

setting up a virtual date

Why Choose a Virtual Movie Date?

What’s great about this: it is a very low pressure date, right? We’re not committing to anything at any point. If it gets boring, you can turn it off. The idea is to watch the movie, press play at the same time, and have FaceTime video on at the same time. You can see each other while we’re watching the movie. But this is a great way to just get used to spending time with somebody, and it triggers a ton of conversation afterwards, as you can talk about the movie and it gets you into the habit of talking about what you watched. 

The whole purpose of this isn’t actually to have a virtual date, however, it’s to get in somebody’s calendar.

If somebody is willing to put time aside to communicate with you and spend time with you, they have to block it off from other people. The more time they spend with you, the more likely they are to actually be able to, you know, consider dating you. 

If it’s gone really well, especially if it’s a TV series, you can say:

Hey, this was fun. We should do it again sometime. 

And you want to lock it off in the calendar, see do it at the same time every single week or at the same time every other day, or whenever you’re going to do it. What’s amazing about this is once you’re in somebody’s calendar, it’s really easy to say,

Hey, how about next time we go to an actual movie? 

And so we go from the virtual date into an actual movie date.

young handsome couple enjoying free time watching television with popcorn in their luxury home villa

Now this isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea. And I know myself I’d much rather do an in-person date when I first meet somebody. But if you want to have a virtual date, it’s a great way of doing it. Once you do get in the calendar, it’s a piece of cake to shift to being a physical date where you can take things further and go on from there. 

Have you gone on a virtual date during the COVID-19 pandemic or at another time? Let me know what your experience was like.

Now, watch Adam explain how to set up a virtual date!

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