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How to tell if a relationship is worth keeping through the COVID-19 quarantine

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, more couples are feeling a strain on their relationships. Now they have issues they never had to deal with before. Like spending too much time together.  There is an older slasher movie from the early 2000’s called “Cabin Fever”. It’s about a couple that is stuck in a cabin through a harsh blizzard and how it wears on their sanity. Because of the COVID-19 quarantine couples all over the world are facing cabin fever like issues. Don’t resort to cheesy slasher horror film tactics to end your relationship.  Let’s check how bad things are.

Here is how to tell if a relationship is worth keeping through the COVID-19 quarantine

Start with good conversation

One of the first signs that your relationship is in good shape is if good conversations are happening. Especially during a lockdown quarantine together. You’ve both chatted about everything you can think of. Check if you are having free-flowing conversations and fun moments when chatting together. You will see how this quality is important for healthy relationships as you continue reading.

For now, take note that good conversations means less boredom and frustration with each other. It’s important to keep that spark of fun and intrigue alive because that leads to the next very important relationship trait to look at.

Keep things sexual

The next trait to look at when examining your relationship during the COVID-19 quarantine is a no brainer. Once you look at this trait it will be a make or break your relationship. This trait is sex. It needs to happen. If you aren’t having sex, especially when you are stuck in living space together 24/7, there is an issue somewhere.

A couple that orgasms together stays together. The reasons that sex is important for a healthy relationship are countless. Now with the COVID-19 crisis having sex with your partner is more important than ever before. However, there is a component of relationships that has to stay intact for sex to happen.

Communicate Openly

As a couple in quarantine facing a viral pandemic together, open communication is a must. This ties back to good conversations. As long as you are open with your thoughts and expressions good conversations will come out of it. In fact, the best conversations will come out it because that is how issues are resolved. When issues are resolved together as a couple a bonding moment happens. When bonding moments happen, sex is in the near future. That is the cycle of a healthy relationship dealing with a COVID-19 world of isolation.

To have open communication with someone, you have to trust yourself enough to allow vulnerability. This is a common issue we see in couples. Once someone cuts of their communication, resentment grows and things spiral out of control. If you are feeling like there is a communication breakdown in your relationship, that needs to be discussed.

Healthy relationships need conversations, sex, and open discussions. There is another key element that is probably one of the biggest strains on couples right now during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Learn how to meet more people during the COVID-19 quarantine by clicking here.

Take care of yourself

Everything we have covered so far carries into this next topic. There has to be time allowed for yourselves. If you spend every second of every minute beside each other things will get bad fast. There are several reasons for this but one important one goes back to our primal brains.

As humans, we are programmed to report and explore. This is because our ancient ancestors needed to communicate. Back then, any dangers they saw while exploring had to be shared. They would explain their experiences beyond the safety of their community. Then a bond would form between that person and their community.

Allowing time alone brings in new topics and information to discuss and communicate openly. These things lead to free-flowing conversations and discussions that can be resolved together. Have conversations like this and your bond becomes stronger. Intimacy can occur. By keeping intimacy in your relationship sex will happen regularly and you both stay connected and happy.

Allow each other freedom

There is one more trait to look for in your relationship if you hope to keep it alive and healthy through the COVID-19 quarantine.

Everything boils down to the final trait in this guide for you. The things we’ve covered so far like trust, open communication, and fun conversations will stem from this. You both need to talk to other people. Let’s be clear, this is not a suggestion to cheat on your partner emotionally. However, having the trust and freedom for you both to talk to other people is important.

Everyone has their own “flavor” of conversation. If you and your partner are only indulging in conversations with each other that appreciation of your flavors will go away quickly. Talk with other people and create new topic discussions for both you and your partner to talk about. As you learned earlier, topic discussions are great for the cycle of healthy relationships to continue.

Stay active in maintaining your relationship

A great way to communicate with others and dig for more conversational topics to share with your partner is our Facebook group. It’s called Confidential Dating Advice for Professionals. In this group, we have thousands of other people like you who want to have a healthy dating life and keep their relationships fulfilling. One of the big perks to this group is your ability to be open and post questions for feedback on how to keep your relationship fun and healthy.

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So there you have it! If you are feeling the “cabin fever” strain on your relationship through the COVID-19 quarantine this is your guide to solving it. There is a bright side to all of this. If your relationship can withstand months of quarantine you are good to go on any small cabin trips where blizzards are a common occurrence. Any couple that makes it through the COVID-19 outbreak deserves a badge of honor. Use this guide we’ve laid out for you to claim yours.

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