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How To Turn Someone On With A Text Message

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turned on by text message

Would you like to know how to turn someone on with a text message? Turning people on with text messages is remarkably easy nowadays. It’s so much easier than it used to be thanks to the invention of the GIF! A gif is an animated image you can send along in a text. 

You want to start off doing GIF trading. You get somebody used to communicating by sending each other animated gifs. 

Now there’s lots of different things that I’ll use. I’ll use GIFs of emojis. I find something happy, I’ll send a GIF of somebody smiling. You see people do this on social media all the time. This is probably nothing new to you. You’ll want to get it going so that you and the other person have a history of trading GIFs. 

Once the gifs start flowing it’s time for a game…

At that point, when we’re communicating, I can say to somebody: 

Oh, I’ve got a fun game to play. 

So once again, we want to get their buy-in. You want them to agree. Once they opt in, then I’m going to say:

Okay, what is a secret fantasy you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t… and only tell me only with GIFs.

Now, this becomes really funny because finding GIFs that show that fantasy is a fun challenge. If you don’t know the shortcut, you’re going to try and do it with the native ones built into the iPhone or Android. What’s funny about that is that those typically are censored and it gets very difficult to to show something, you know, interesting. For example, if you want to do one about spanking, you’ve typically got to find like Tinkerbell being spanked. But this is what makes a really fun, flirtatious sexual kind of vibe.

The easy way to find sexual GIFs is to go to There you can find a whole bunch of x-rated GIFs depicting any sexual fantasy. Most people don’t know about that though. 

It’s a good conversation maker. You’ve got to guess a fantasy based on these obscure GIFs. It is a really funny game and it does get somebody turned on. It’s very difficult to to start writing down your fantasy (or searching for sexual fantasy GIFs) without actually thinking about it. And because they’re trying to find the right GIFs which really embody what you’re trying to say, that person is really imagining their sexual fantasy, which of course is going to turn them on. 

Moving the turn on game to the next level…

Now what’s great about is you can step it up a level because if they say to you:

Well, what’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t?

You can use a combination of the regular GIFs and you can use the ones on I probably wouldn’t send anything too explicit without permission, but I might say to somebody, 

Hey, can I send you a NSFW GIF to show it?

Get their permission to send it first, and as long as they say yes, then of course you can show something like that.

Once you get to a point where you’re trading sex gifts, this whole conversation is going to really turn somebody on. And you can really heat up that conversation. 

Go ahead and up your GIF game and give it a try. Be sure to fill me in on your results.

Watch Adam Lyons explain exactly how to turn someone on with a text message!

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