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Love in the time of the Corona Virus

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The Corona Virus quarantine could be a great opportunity to enjoy solitude and be productive. Then there is the other outcome. When you are spending a little bit too much time with your partner and suddenly the crimes from the Tiger King make a little more sense.

All jokes aside, I want to give you some pointers about love in the time of the Corona Virus.  Here are some things you can do to enjoy spending time with that special person.

How to mingle when you’re single

First of all, if you are single and living alone this is your chance to branch off and start to connect with others. You can deepen friendships or connect more with someone you’re seeing casually. After you start this process you will cut out a lot of that lonely feeling that so many have had to deal with in the wake of the Corona Virus.

Social distancing seems to have made it impossible to develop a strong connection. How on earth can you be intimate with someone when you can’t even touch each other? Don’t you worry, there are ways and here is one of my favorites. Staying connected as much as possible digitally. That means consistent texting, running games and jokes, and of course daily phone calls or video chats. Since that level of physical intimacy is cut out you are going to have to get creative. Do this by using verbal and psychological stimulation to have a deeper connection.

How to enjoy your relationship at home

If you are living with a partner and are struggling to keep a connection together; I advise having some kind of fun activity for both of you. On top of that, it’s important to make considerate gestures even more than usual towards each other. Do this so that you both can appreciate each other in this close quarter situation. Show appreciation and love through considerate actions and it will create a much more positive environment. This can be anything from cleaning the dishes or making the bed, to offering a massage or full-blown pedicure. 

Keep the acts of kindness coming for each other and you will see how great it can actually be to have your partner so close all the time!


Although random acts of kindness and gestures of love and appreciation are great. Often times the best way to be considerate is to help each other on important tasks. If one of you is working and the other is currently out of work or off duty, do what you can to support each other. The little things go a long way. If your partner is working from home and is in a good workflow, bring them something to drink or snack on and let them keep working. Make their task as easy for them as possible even in a small way. Do that along with kind gestures and actives to connect and you will see your bond deepen more than ever before!

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How to make your relationship last

As the two of you develop a stronger bond, things will naturally become more intimate. To ensure this happens the both of you need to keep a sense of love and romance behind your kind gestures and time spent together. After the Corona Virus quarantine is over and you can go back to a normal life you will have had a tremendous experience together. Something most couples never go through. This is how your bond will be solidified and made unbreakable by an outside force.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Since the Corona Virus pandemic, there has been an excelling rate of divorce in this already high divorce society. Use this as a guide to help keep your relationship in a positive loving light through this dark time of crisis.

How to learn more about love and dating

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Once you join feel free to introduce yourself and ask the #1 question on your mind for your current situation. Everyone in this group has improved their dating life one way or another. I encourage you to do the same. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or casually seeing someone. We have seen it all and can help guide you to success in your love life.

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