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Online Dating… How to easily have a connection with someone.

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Social distancing has created a rift in the dating world, but not all hope is lost! At this point the impact of dating in the “post-corona” world is obvious. Let’s look forward to the present moment of “tech dating” and I am not talking about sex robots from Japan. One way to start dating is online, so let’s discuss that.

Meet someone real online, don’t settle for robots!

So the question is… How do you create and maintain an initial relationship when you meet someone online?

There is an answer, and it’s simple. The world has changed but people are still the same. Start with finding commonalities. The more you find in common with someone, the easier it is to build a connection with them. I will make sure I find at least three things in common with somebody when I first meet them. Here’s how…

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Hobbies, travel, and interests

The first thing I look for is if we have the same kind of hobby or career. It starts by looking at their pictures to spot a commonality. If I see someone that is into digital marketing (one of my interests) I will instantly offer them value and help. On top of that if I see they have pictures that showcase their travels I will message something related to that. People love to talk about traveling experiences. Conversations thrive with fun travel stories.

From these two topics alone you can have hours of fun conversation. Combined with the other things I teach, you will start to form a special kind of connection with someone. CAUTION: You will become instantly more attractive and appealing by using these conversational techniques. The next topic to bring up with someone is extremely powerful for creating a bond together.

Truly connect with someone online to meet them physically

“What are your big plans five years from now?”

By asking this question it shows powerful traits about yourself. It shows that you want to know about their priorities.  You are investigating whether you are the right match. This is a form of showing standards, it implies that you won’t date anybody. Not only does this boost your attraction, but your self-esteem grows also. You should not settle for just anybody.  Not with me guiding you!

Use conversations like this to propel your dating life forward… Recently I held a class dedicated to protecting your relationships, personal life, and career through a crisis. As soon as the news hit about Covid-19 I knew that I needed to help lend a hand and help any way I could.

Here is the link to watch this free class so you can have a head start and have success while others struggle:

Now that you have a few conversational tricks and tips for online dating, get out there a start swiping. But watch my free class first so that you have all the details behind the tips. Don’t deny yourself a genuine connection with someone. And like I mentioned before, connecting with a robot sex doll definitely doesn’t count as dating!

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