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Online Dating Tips to Use During the quarantine

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Let’s face it, online dating can be hard enough on its own. Now we have to consider the number of people that have flooded the apps, along with the fact that I can’t really go on a date with anyone I meet. “It just seems like a lot of work for not much of a result” is the phrase that is spreading like wildfire in threads about online dating. Well, I am here to help your struggles, and rescue your hand from suffering “quarantine trauma”.

Here are 5 tips you need to use ASAP for online dating.

1 – Upgrade your photos (be current)

Every dating advice channel says this but I want to add a certain twist to it. Yes, adventurous photos are more attractive and good conversation starters. However, you need to adapt to the times. NOBODY is going on adventures right now. So by displaying your adventure-seeking skills, you are falsely advertising yourself in a time of quarantine. Now is the time to get creative and dorky with some amazing “home adventure” photos. This is going to show that you are adventurous, even when you’re confined to your home.

Build a pillow fort, dress up to watch a movie, make a glamorous cooking video, something to show you can be creative and adventurous at home. As you keep reading this I will explain how this simple adjustment will tie into the “new” online dating process.

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2 – Make a fun bio that’s relevant for today

I am not going to beat a dead horse here. Another must that every dating channel says is “have a good bio.” The thing about bios is they are different for what your goals are and which app you are using. Some apps don’t even have bios, they just ask you questions. Since literally, the entire world is in quarantine, it’s probably a good idea to fill your bio with quarantine based content. Give your answers while also making a point to display what you have in common with them. The main key to this is to put a fun spin on it as well.

3 – Define your “type” and base your profile on that.

When you make your online profile a question you need to ask yourself is “what kind of person do I want to attract?” This is a good practice to have before, during, and after quarantine. Do you want someone looking for a hookup, a relationship, or just looking for a connection to see where things go? How you display yourself in your profile is going to determine what kind of person matches with you. There are a lot of different types of traits to display that will attract someone differently. 

If you want to learn more about these traits and how you can display them. Join my private Facebook group, Confidential Dating Advice for Professionals. I created this exclusive community for you and anyone else to join and interact with me and my team for the best results in your dating life. If you join right now I want to encourage you to ask the following question. “What are the 3 types of people that I can attract with my dating profile?”


4 – Be continuously interactive and fun

Since we are in quarantine it is going to take effort to stay interactive and fun. But this doesn’t have to be difficult. Set yourself up for some fun and easy digital activities together that will not only keep you on the radar but make things fun. One thing is games. If you both enjoy games send them an invite to play something with you. This can be battleship if you have an iPhone or Words With Friends on Facebook. The key here is that since you can’t meet up for a date somewhere, this is how you can stay engaged while also building up a connection at a distance.


5 – Send fun photos

Let’s be perfectly clear on something. “Send fun photos” is NOT code for d**k pics or booty shots. Send a selfie of you doing something fun and engaging that shows a piece of your personality. This encourages them to do the same. The goal here is to build a connection, not set up booty calls. The reason being that online dating is more investing now then it ever has been. Meet and connect with someone while maintaining a connection long enough to make it through a quarantine. Then you will want to see each other the first chance you get.

If you develop enough of a connection for things to get sexual, other photo options start to arrive. We recently posted an article with more advice on dating the Coronavirus. You can check it out by clicking the link below

Use these tips, join my Facebook group, and watch as your dating life improves. There is one thing for certain, online dating has a new intention behind it. The days of the Tinder instant booty call are over. It’s much more about staying in contact with each other and keeping a connection going, despite the distance. If you do this right, once the quarantine restrictions are lifted you will have an abundance of dating options.

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