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Sex Standards Guide for the Corona Virus

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Is your sex life still active post quarantine? Or are you starting to get the nervous twitch because it’s been a while?

Things are different now. The days of quick Tinder hookups or meeting a “random” at a bar are over. It is still possible to meet and be intimate with someone. At this point please don’t go to the grocery store to meet people, at this point we all only want food (to eat, not to have sex with). Here some highlights from the document released by the NYC Dept of Health on post-Corona safe sex. If sex is an option keep these in mind. Otherwise, fill your cart with perfectly holed doughnuts or nicely shaped cucumbers.

The basics we’re already used to

First things first, wash your hands and don’t do the deed with anybody if you feel sick. If you have to have intimacy with someone, it’s best to share quarantine. Once you are both certain things are safe, have at it! It’s recommended to keep physical contact within your close social circle only. This is to limit further exposure to the virus.

The safest person to have sex with right now is yourself. It’s time to explore some kink with yourself. Who knows, you might enjoy something new…with yourself. Talk dirty to yourself, pull your own hair, try some new toys out on yourself, you do you (no pun intended). If you’re craving some hot action but can’t seem to find someone safe, get creative.

Learn how to meet and have a connection with someone online here:

No more butt play

One of the big “no-no’s” in this document directly talks about the subject of “rimming.” That’s right, it seems that the days of eating ass are over. At one point the meme-worthy trend of tonguing down the taint and everything near it hit the world by storm. But those days are gone… at least for 12-18 months. It’s not only butt play that’s under restriction. The simple act of kissing is off-limits according to this document. It appears that we live in the times of penetration only with no foreplay.

In all seriousness, these are tough times for intimacy. There is no denying that this is a new frontier in dating. Even if you learned how to have a healthy dating life in the past, the times are completely different now. A lot of the things you did before don’t matter anymore. This is an event I have been preparing for since the news of the Corona Virus came out. There are proven methods that work that I have taught for this and you can apply them easily. I hosted a live stream class that goes in-depth about “post quarantine dating.”

You can watch it for free by clicking this link:

In case you are genuinely curious about the documents released by the NYC Dept. of Health. Here it is along with some funny memes to lighten the mood.

Corona Virus Safe Sex Document #1
Corona Safe Sex Document #2

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