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The Second Date Text Message

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second date text message

This is the second date text message you can send somebody to guarantee to get a second date when you’re hanging out with them.

You’re never getting ghosted ever again. 

Now the key to this text message is not what you send, but when you send it. You send it typically when you’re on a first date and it’s going pretty well, and you want to make sure that you secure the second date before the end of the first one. But some people get nervous or they don’t really know how to do it. 

Use the Restroom

Well, I find this an amazing thing to do. It’s kind of weird, but use the restroom. I don’t want to sound strange, but bear with me. 

the second date text message from the bathroom

At some point during the day, one of you has to use the restroom. You know, they have to go powder their nose. You have to go and pee, whatever the situation is. And what we’ll do is I’ll go to the restroom and then I’ll text them while I’m in the restroom to set the next date.

So here’s what I’ll often say during the date. I love learning the things they like to do, right? So we know whether they like activities. If they’re like escape rooms, mini-golf, art galleries, concerts, botanical gardens, horse riding, whatever it is that they like, I’m going to identify it. And then while I’m peeing, I’m going to text her and be like:

Hey, you know what? I’ve had a lot of fun today. Just want to let you know. 

And they’ll often reply:

Oh my God, are you texting me from the restroom? 

You’re going to send the second date text message from the bathroom…

Now I want to do this, because what kind of person texts you from the restroom? 

That’s right. Your boyfriend. 

It’s once you’re in a relationship that you start texting in these more intimate environments. Once again, if we want a date to turn into a relationship, you need to act like it’s one from the very beginning.

So I’ll be like: 

Ha yeah, I’m just bored, waiting to use the restroom. And I thought I’d text you.

But seriously, it’s a lot of fun. We want confirmation they’re having fun. If they’re not having fun, then the second date is never going to happen anyway. But if they confirm they are having fun, it’s good. This is when I’ll start setting up the next date. So I’ll say: 

Well, have you ever wanted to try [activity]? Or how about we try [activity] next time? 

And I’ll put what the event is like, whatever it is. And that is it. That’s the only message that I need to send. So it’s just two quick messages while I’m in the restroom.

Pretty simple: two text messages while you’re in the restroom, and it’s more than enough time to send those messages. 

After the Restroom

But now when you come back from the restroom, the plan is already set up for the second date. You’ve already agreed that you can go on a second date. And I guarantee you that when you turn back up, the whole interaction is that much warmer because you now know there’s going to be a second date. 

You can then work out the logistics right then and there doing off the back of that restroom trip.

Like I said, it’s the kind of thing that someone does if they’re actually dating somebody and it’s much more likely to happen. And if you set the second date while you’re on the first date in the middle of it, like I said, during that restaurant period, that’s when you’re going to get somebody to agree. It works incredibly well. 

Give it a try on your next first date and I assure you, you’ll have much less flakes on the second date.

Let me know how this strategy worked out for you!

Watch Adam Lyons describe the second date text message in detail!

Now you’ve got the second date text message down, but do you know what to send them to make sure their worth dating?

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