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Top 5 virtual dates to create a romantic relationship

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Virtual dates are all the rage in the days of Corona Virus quarantine. It could be the convenience of having a date from the comfort of your home. It could be the fact that we have no other choice. For some of you, this new world of dating opened up the playing field. No more having to compete at the bar with “Big Armed Vinnie” or “That Slut Jessica”. Even with this new style of dating, it helps to have every base covered. Continue reading to have the knowledge to ensure the attraction is happening.

Here are 5 virtual dates that can create a romantic relationship

1 – Games – As far as brain chemistry goes playing games together creates many special bonds if done right. In the old days, it was common to meet someone at a venue and play games together. Then from playing games, you could move into sharing drinks, food, or stories in a different location. Virtual games apply the same way, it’s just a different process that will move slower. If you meet someone from an online dating app, invite them to play a virtual game with you to move things forward.

2 – Phone/video chats – The most important date to have in this era of quarantined romance is a regular call with each other. Whether it’s a phone call, video chat, or any other platform. This is a MUST happen to create a romantic relationship with someone. Video chats are trending because you get to see each other and it becomes more interactive. But there are perks that come with simple phone calls like virtual tours.

The best virtual dates during a call

Do this to share moments and build commonalities

3 – Virtual Tours – Congratulations! If you made it this far into an interaction you have made it further than most others. This is the point of dating where only the creative ones will have the best results. One creative way to have a virtual date is to take virtual tours together. While you are on the call simply share a link or picture that you both can look at and talk about. This opens up several pathways for conversation and deepens the virtual romance. The goal is to put the two of you in the moment together and share it. That’s what this next point will do with ease.

This is WAY better than watching a movie together

4 – Go to the virtual movies – In the old world of dating going to the movies for a date was a big NO and it still is. Syncing up and watching a movie at the same time is becoming a big trend for virtual dates and it’s not helping anybody. The same disadvantages still apply. You can’t talk, you can’t interact, and it’s a long period of time with no progression in the relationship. Yet, there is ONE helpful thing you can take from the movie experience…

Watch previews together instead of an entire movie. They’re shorter, they give you good topics for conversation, and still allow you to create a romantic connection.

Enjoy a video alone…together
A couple that learns together stays together

5 – Take classes together – This is another one of those holy “go-to’s” in the pre-corona virus world of dating. Take a fun class together virtually and watch a strong connection develop. You can find various tutorials and classes online that can be fun for you both to interact with. This creates something that you’ve built a commonality on that will give you good conversation in the future. Classes have proven to be great ways to interact with someone you’re romantically interested in since the days of elementary school. Use the methods that work!

Something amazing happens when you start to take classes. You’re knowledge, skills, and expertise in that subject grows and you become a more experienced person. This applies to dating as much as anything else. We recently hosted a live virtual class that helps you improve their dating lives during the Corona Virus quarantine. This is a full course on how to keep a relationship healthy and lead a healthy dating life during this crisis.

How you can keep the relationship going strong

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