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Two Texts You Need To Send To Develop A Relationship

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These are the two texts you need to send to develop a relationship. A lot of guys, when they get somebody’s phone number, try not to text too often. I’ve seen this happen frequently, and the whole conversation just dies out.

Women are much better communicators than men. In fact, most women will text with somebody they like multiple times a day. If you want to have a very real relationship with somebody, then you need to text more often and communicate.

That means that women are going to be texting at least twice a day and often a lot more. There are two text messages to let a woman know that you actually like them and that you’re actually interested are the following text messages. 

The first text you need to send: Good Morning

The first is when you wake up in the morning. Send a good morning text, but you can’t just say  good morning. If you keep it generic, that relationship is not really going to go anywhere. It’s kind of cut and paste and kind of boring. 

What you want to say is something more like: 

Oh my God, just woke up feeling great today. 

Today, I’m going to go biking and grocery shopping [or whatever you plan to do]

Then ask:

How about you? What are you up to today?

We want to put in a lot of information so that we’re giving them things to grasp onto to have a meaningful conversation.

Providing this information and asking her about her day is a great way to get conversation flowing throughout the day. You can have that great text conversation if you do this every single day. 

What’s cool about that is even if someone gets busy and they get caught up in other things in their life, that morning text message becomes like a ritual that they enjoy receiving, and it can really make you better. 

The second text you need to send: Good Night

Likewise, at the end of the day, we need to send a good light text. Again, we don’t just want the generic good night. We want to round out the conversation because you should have been texting back and forth. You can say:

Thanks so much for the message you sent earlier.

I really enjoyed seeing you today.

It was wonderful to hear about your day. 

Basically, thank them for sharing that time and information with you.

Then you can say:

I’m going to pass out, have a wonderful night’s sleep. 

Well, I’ll see you in the morning

I’ll text you in the morning. 

And so again, we’re just trying to sandwich the day between two messages. The one in the morning, that’s the setup for the day. The one at the end references the high points of the day and your communication. 

This instantly starts to put the other person in that you know, boyfriend/girlfriend kind of vibe. And that’s what we want. Because if you start treating somebody like your girlfriend, they’re far more likely to actually be it. And if you’re in a relationship with somebody and you actually treat them like your girlfriend, that’s going to truly keep that relationship glued together as well. 

Constant Conversation Is Key

Constant conversation via text messages is something that women do with the people they really like. You’ll need them to be doing that with you too, which means those two messages are an absolute must. You don’t get to flake on them. You don’t get to miss them. If you go to bed without texting somebody good night, or if you get up in the morning and you don’t text her when you first wake up, that relationship is going to start to wind down very, very quickly.

Try improving your relationship communication and closeness with these two vital text messages and let me know how it goes.

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