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Use this 1 secret to always stand out on dating apps like Tinder

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I want to tell you a secret about online dating. This one came up while I was doing a Q&A session on a live stream workshop. Throughout the workshop, I explained how to have dating success while you’re in quarantine and dealing with social-distancing from the coronavirus pandemic.

The lessons from this workshop will give you everything you need to have people begging you for dates which will allow you to choose your perfect partner.

Get started right here where I answer this question: “How do you make sure you’re unique on a dating app and not another cookie-cutter profile?“

Take these three steps to stand out on dating apps: 

1. Have High-Quality Photos

Invest a little bit of time and effort into creating good high-quality photos to use for your profile. If you need to ask a friend with a good camera, then do it! If you need to high a professional photographer for an hour-long photo shoot, then do it!

2. Make Your Photos Unique To You

Bring something special to those photos that really scream “this is me!”. Remember, the goal here is to stand out and not be just another cookie-cutter profile, so add that little spice of “you” to your photos to make them unique

3. Inspire Curiosity In Your Photos

Once you combine high-quality photos, and unique traits that apply to you, along with curiosity and you are sure to have more matches. Then you can position yourself in a way that makes someone think “why are they doing this that way?” or “I’ve never seen it done this way”. Now this will not only make you stand out but bring more attention to your photos.

Now Ask Yourself…

What is the one thing you will do TODAY to make yourself stand out on dating apps? 

That question and so many more were answered in my live stream workshop. You can watch the entire thing for free by clicking the link here:


Video Transcript

“The question is how do you make sure you’re unique on a dating app and you don’t look like you’re a cookie-cutter?

This one’s really easy and it’s all to do with making sure you have those pictures.

If you’ve got pictures that make you stand out, then you’re going to look better than everybody else. 

It’s all about unique costumes, unique outfits, unique locations, doing things that make you look different, I promise you. 

Look at the outfit I wear, I never look the same as anyone else in the dating community and that’s the key.

Having a unique sense of style and then taking pictures in unique ways. 

If you are on the ask the dating coach Facebook page. 

You would have seen a picture that I uploaded yesterday about a Sharknato.

I was reading a survival book on Sharknato. 

There are not many people out there that spend their evenings just reading Sharknato books.

I’ll make sure to take a picture of it and send it out to everybody. 

Again, doing things like that is what’s going to make you stand out.”

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