What COVID-19 could mean for your dating life

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In every zombie movie ever 2 things happen. The first is that there is a drastic change in how people communicate with each other. A new level of respect is formed as the crew is simply fighting for survival. The other thing is that a romance forms one way or another.

Despite the constant fear of a brain-eating, limp ripping creature coming to get you; the characters in these movies find time for romance. COVID-19 isn’t quite a zombie plague, but it has killed the standard dating scene. Here is a look into what this could mean for your dating life.

COVID-19 Dating… Buring fire of passion or dating world going down in flames?

1. Learn how to connect with more people

The shallow hook up culture is dead. People can no longer go to bars and clubs to get intoxicated and have casual hookups. In this reality, there is still Tinder, and people are without a doubt willing to meet and hookup online. But most people aren’t “looking for a hookup”. They just “let it happen if it happens”. Because the hookup scenes are closed, so are the legs of millions of adventurous people.

This is not a bad thing. The lost qualities of “real” romance will come back.

2. Become more open for a deeper connection

People are stuck in their homes and unable to seek casual romance. This means that only a few dating options remain. One of them is to connect with someone online or digitally. Since we are quarantine from COVID-19 for months, you will not be a position to hook up any time soon. All that remains is to develop a deep connection so that you know if you would want to date post quarantine.

Digital dating brings something else that could impact your dating life. This is the fact that everyone is connecting now.


3. Learn to manage multiple relationships

We will see a spike in open relationships and polyamory after this COVID-19 quarantine blows over. People are just too available now and willing to connect. It is impossible for someone not to develop bonds with other people during this time. This is not an attack on monogamy, it is just a prediction of what’s to come. If you want to be happy with your dating life, then prepare for the new culture that is coming. Tt’s a good idea to learn how to manage multiple relationships.

Relationships will grow and become deeper through this crisis if handled correctly

The basics about relationships during a crisis

There are several ways to develop and manage relationships during a crisis. We recently held a live stream workshop that gives you the tools to manage your relationship in a crisis. You can watch it for free by clicking the link below.


If you know anything about Adam Lyons, then you know that he is an expert when it comes to relationships and dating. The workshop we hosted features multiple lessons from Adam on how your dating life can thrive in this current crisis. Click the link above so that you can go into this new dating culture with the confidence that you will find the right person for you.

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