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What Dating Apps have to say about the Corona Virus

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How has the COVID-19 quarantine impacted the world of online dating.
What Dating Apps have to say about the Corona Virus

            It appears the world is coming to its end: At least, that’s how society is treating it. With increasing measures being taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, meeting new people seems to be out of the question. However, is this roadblock one that you should not try to get around? Several dating app companies have issued statements to give guidelines to users to explore online dating while still being safe.

Date at Your Own Risk

            Hinge released a statement taking note of the severity of the virus, “We strongly encourage users to use their best judgment and be as safe as possible during this time, including following the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization [WHO]—found on our Help Center. We continue to listen closely to our community about the most supportive experience we can offer during this time.”

            Hinge’s website has a list of key factors to staying safe during the pandemic that they have drawn from the WHO. It includes friendly reminders from basic hygiene like washing your hands regularly to the seemingly impossible avoidance of touching your face. They are not the only ones trying to keep users up to date on cleanliness to protect themselves due to the uptick in health concerns; Tinder is issuing reminders to swipers to carry hand-sanitizer and keep their distance from others when out in public.

 This “date at your own risk” approach is what most companies are giving the public with some additional advice for doing so safely. However, a few like #Open are taking a more direct course of action. In fact, they’re telling users that now is not the time to be making be making new connections, but the time to be distancing yourself and keeping health as a number one priority.

It’s really not worth it…

“It’s important to be aware of the risks and to make the best decisions for you individually for anyone you’re intimate with or for the people you care about,” the app’s messaging advised. “Please consider avoiding physical and particularly intimate interactions with new partners. This isn’t a good time to be swapping spit. We know it can be a drag being cooped up inside, but there are lots of other ways to have fun. Sexting or phone and video sex are great ways to get hot without getting sick. Make new friends and have deep conversations. You have a new icebreaker that everyone can relate to, but whatever you do, please stay safe out there, and make smart decisions about how and when you’re intimate with others.”

The corona virus is spread from person-to-person within a six-foot radius from respiratory droplets that are dispersed when an infected persons coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that recommending its users not be driving Miss Daisy, when there’s no vaccine to combat the virus that spreads within close proximity, is some solid advice.

Now, you can listen to the advice of those giving you access to potential partners and medical professionals, or you can completely ignore the WHO and CDC and put yourself at risk of contracting the corona virus because what do they know?  

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