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Why a crisis is good for your dating life

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Expert tips on having a good dating life through a crisis.

NOBODY wants to handle a crisis alone… except for aging movie stars.

It’s fair to say that while 90’s action movie stars loved tackling terrorists, drug lords and small private armies alone. The rest of us would prefer to spend a crisis with someone who actually cares about us.

In these current times of stress and crisis, it’s important to know how to find the silver lining in a stressful situation.

Here is why a crisis can be good for your dating life, and the steps you should take to keep your relationship healthy during these moments.


The first reason that today’s crisis is good for your dating life is there is zero competition. No douchy people trying to get your partner drunk when they’re just “out with friends.” It’s a time for you and your loved one to bond and truly get to know each other. No more fear of someone else taking them out on secret dates behind your back.


Speaking of getting to know each other, you’ll actually have to work on your communication skills. You can no longer use the distraction of “getting dinner” or “grabbing a coffee.” You’ll get to have long late-night talks on the phone (Just like the 90’s!). Talking and communicating like this is what relationship experts have been preaching for many years! Ultimately you’re going to be doing some deep bonding with your partner!

Of course, all that bonding is going to build up some serious sexual frustration. The good news is that phone sex is not only an option…

It’s a skill set that has been almost lost in the days of “sexting” and “hookups.” Learn to arouse your partner through words and practice self-pleasure is a new unique way of bonding that you’ll both love and appreciate. This can do wonders to revitalize your relationship, after all, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder!


One easy way to bond during a crisis like this one is to bring back old school romantic gestures. From sending romantic gifts to crafting poetry, it’s a great time to get Old School and stand out from the crowd. Feel free to use some classic works for inspiration, or just keep it simple and re-write some rap lyrics (Maybe just avoid the cussing)

Lastly, remember that your time apart will only serve to make you crave each other deeper…


Put in the effort to keep communication up and find inventive ways to spend time together. Use watch parties on Netflix or MMORPG’s (massive multiplayer online role-playing games). You have many ways to keep your relationship fresh and alive during this time… so go get it!

Of course, you could just sit back, clean your gun collection, and hope that you get to enact your dreams of being a 90’s movie star…

Then again, most of those guys finished the movie alone and without finding true love, so that might not be the best way to get a “happy ending”

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