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Why reconnecting with old contacts works for dating

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You’re at a bar and end up in an amazing conversation with someone you found attractive. You hung out the entire night and kept in touch for a short time afterward. Then life takes your attention to other things and they sink into the depths of your contact list. You reach out to them again but do not get a reply. Or things re-sparked a brief interaction but it didn’t go anywhere. Now is the time to reach into the depths of your contact list and reach out to people.

The Corona Virus has made people yearn for a connection anywhere they can find it. Watch how willing people are to open up during isolation.

Connect with old contacts for dates and see what happens.

Here is why connecting with old contacts will work better than ever before.

People make decisions in isolation that goes against their normal routine. There are countless stories since the Corona Virus quarantine about old flings re-connecting.  This is because “why not?” People have gone through all the at-home activities alone and crave social interaction. Send a message to that person you met years ago and watch as they will likely be responsive and open.

Here is why it’s having a relationship during a crisis is important:

Your odds of reconnecting with an old contact are good for other reasons. One is that a lot of their other responsibilities are gone. If you hit it off with someone and it fizzles out, it’s usually because they got busy. Unfortunately, you got put on the back burner. It has nothing to do with them disliking you (unless you gave them a reason to dislike you). For most people right now those social obligations that once kept them too busy are clear. Shoot your shot and see if they’re more available now.

The biggest reason an old contact will be more receptive and open up with you is boredom. Society is in a frozen state and they are seeking thrills. Recently a video went viral about a guy who sent a love note to a girl dancing on the roof of her building via drone. For years there has been a stigma about using drones as spying on women or being creepy. But now it’s a romantic gesture and charming. The shift has happened and this recent story proves it.

Embrace the new world of dating.

The Corona Virus is changing everything and we are just starting to see the effects. A new way of communicating is on the horizon. People are becoming more receptive and open to each other. All it took was a viral pandemic to force us all into isolation. Make the most of this moment and reach out to your old contacts. The standards of communication have changed. We are seeing the effects start to sweep the dating scene.

Romantic gestures and dates can come in many forms.

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